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Provides a rationale and purpos to guide teachers throughout the wiki.

Characteristics of Gifted and Talented
Provides information on characteristics of the gifted and talented to assist teachers in developing a framework of effective curriculum, assessments and instruction.

Curriculum Differentiation
Provides in-depth information to assist teachers in understanding the concept of curriculum differentiation to be able to meet the needs of gifted, talented and others.

WCS Collaborative Program Model
Provides information on program model for gifted educaton that enables the regular education teacher to serve gifed students through collaboration/planning with a gifted specialist (teacher).

Parallel Curriculum Model
Provides detailed information for teachers to develop lesson plans that include the following essential curricular elements: core, connections, practice and identity.

Elements of Effective Instruction
Provides a framework that teachers should utilize to ensure a cohesive relationship between the learner and the curriculum, assessment, and instruction.

Instructional Strategies
Provides strategies that have been used by experts in the field of gifted education.

National Association for Gifted Children
Georgia Association for Exceptional Children
Common Core Georgia Performance Standards

Lesson Plans
Provides lesson plans using the Parallel Curriculum Model (PCM).

Professional Learning
Provides educative information for regular education teachers serving gifted students.



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